From Broken Neck to Broken Records

A Huge Story of Success and Triumph of a Masters Cyclist over a Broken Neck

Plus a “How to Win” Guide for Masters Athletes

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Sandy Scott, masters cyclist, had a miraculous survival of a nearly-catastrophic accident where he broke his C-1 vertebra—the real “broken neck.” This is the story of triumph over tragedy and true grit of a determined athlete with a “can do” attitude.

In From Broken Neck to Broken Records, a Masters Cyclist’s Guide to Winning, Author Rose Marie Ray, and Co-author, Sandy Scott, provide an in-depth look at a man and what it took to go from almost death back to winning cycling races in 13 months after being told by his doctor that he would never ride again.

The first part of the book takes you on a frustrating journey from his accident at a time trial race and the five months spent in a hard neck brace to the young spinal surgeon who took him out of the collar and told him to get on with his life and get back on his bike—even though it might kill him.

The second part of the book is for athletes of all ages who need a mentor, a guide, or a talented coach who can motivate them to get out and do something, help them get onto the podium and, possibly, break some records while they are having fun. It is a practical, easily-read and understood guide for all masters athletes. It spells out everything from buying your bike, setting and achieving goals, training, bike maintenance, nutrition, and health issues, and, ultimately racing and winning gold medals.

This story of success, built upon a platform of a lifetime of experiences, applies to many people who have overcome adversity and gone on to succeed in life. Each of us has it in us to excel and give 100% of our efforts to accomplish goals to meet our dreams.


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